2007 PA RUCK
Jan. 26-28, 2007

Ironmaster's Hostel
The halfway point of the Appalachian Trail

Pine Grove Furnace State Park
1212 Pine Grove Road, Gardners, Pennsylvania 17324
Telephone 717-486-7575

All hikers and hiker wannabes WELCOME ! ! !

Ironmaster Photo


Take I-81 to Exit 37, PA Route 233 (south of Carlisle, north of Shippensburg). Head south on PA 233 about 8 miles over the ridge and down to Pine Grove Furnace State Park. The Park headquarters is across the road at the stop sign and the Mansion is 0.2 miles to your right. Parking is at the Park Store (closed for season), the site of the Halfway Club Ice Cream Challenge. Take the left hand turn 20 yards before the Mansion. Overflow parking in the parking lot down the hill behind the hostel.


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This is the location for most events. The Hostel has 50 dormitory bunks, as well as showers. Reservations are recommended if you want to sleep inside. Lodging cost is $20 per night per person. There's a $6 Day Use Fee charged on Saturday, so the cost for a bunk in the Hostel for the entire weekend is $46 per person. Bring sheets (single size), a pillowcase, and a blanket. If you do not stay overnight, the Day Use Fee for Saturday will be $10 per person. No alcohol, smoking or pets are allowed in the Hostel. For reservations or more information, call Donna at 717-486-7575.

There are many campsites available within easy walking distance of the hostel. Fees are $15 per site per night for PA residents ($17 for non-residents) for non-electric sites. Add two dollars for electricity hook up. Limit five persons per site. There are privies in the campground but no showers. Campers must also pay the $6 Saturday Day Use Fee at the Hostel, but that includes a shower. (You must provide your own towel or rent one from the Hostel). For Campground reservations, call toll free 888-727-2757. For more Campground information, call 717-486-7174, or send them an email. Click here for more Park info.

Friday, January 26, 2007

2pm - 5pm      MEET AND GREET - There'll be a "sign-in" sheet at the front desk as well as a hostel register. Please sign both of them so we'll know who and how many of us are there. And don't forget to give your money to the nice hostel keeper (Donna) so we can come back again next year. Name tags and PA Ruck programs will be available at check-in.

6pm - 8pm      SUPPER - An organized potluck and supply list will be distributed and updated frequently to these websites in January: AT-L, Womens' Hikers on yahoo, Whiteblaze.net and this site as well.

8pm - ???       SLIDESHOWS - Depends on who shows up with what. There is no set schedule for this. If you want to show your slides (especially AT slides) write your name and the title of the slideshow in the space provided on the "Slideshow Schedule" that'll be posted on the bulletin board next to the kitchen.

Whenever      CAMPFIRE - Seems like there's nearly always a fire at the campground. But please keep the noise down so those who are tired can sleep. OTOH - my philosophy used to be "You can sleep when you're dead." But you don't have to subscribe to that. Bring your firewood--it's been as low as zero at night there and we're always in need of more firewood. Please bring what you have. If you are able to drop off firewood ahead of time and no later than a few days prior to the PA Ruck, please do so at Site #68, leaving a PA RUCK sign on your pile. We would be most grateful! Please read PA State Park regulations on bringing in wood from out of state. (Also note that none of the park repairs being made will affect us.)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

7:30am      BREAKFAST - will be a "do-it-yourself" project. Decide what you want - and bring it - and make it - and eat it. Just as if you were on the Trail.

9am - 6pm      HIKERS' GARAGE SALE - The proceeds from this year's Garage Sale will again go to the Ironmasters Hostel. This is a worthy cause - the hostel needs your help. The proceeds from last year's Ruck fundraiser were used to provide new safety equipment for the hostel.

If you have old hiking gear that you're willing to donate, drag it along and put in the stairwell. If you see something there that you like, then grab it, putsome money in the jar and give your new treasures a good home. I'd say let your conscience be your guide about how much money, but I think I'd rather say - "Don't cheap out on us." Anyone who's been to the hostel knows what kind of service they provide to AT hikers. Anyone who's gonna be hikng in the future - just consider it an advance contribution for the service you "will" receive in the future.

9am - ???       HIKE TO POLE STEEPLE along the AT (back about noon).

11am - 1pm    LUNCH - Soup and bread. This is a pay-as-you-go lunch with the proceeds going to the hostel fund. Bring your favorite pre-cooked soup, chili, bread, luncheon platters. Don't be shy! It's a lot of fun! We are asking for volunteer clean up afterwards.

1pm - 3pm      TUCKERIZATION - For those hardy (or foolish) souls who are willing to volunteer to have their packs lightened, this is a good time to find out what you DON'T NEED on the Trail. This can be funny, but it's not recommended for fragile egos. The Friar may not be there this year - but we're trying to convince Sister Tuck (Mara) to get'er done.

4pm - 6pm      THRUHIKING BULL SESSION - Anyone want to talk about thruhiking? Anyone want to get their questions about thruhiking answered? Or maybe just listen to former thruhikers expound on how to do it - and how NOT to do it? We're looking for more recent thru-hikers but would love any thruhikers' advice. Any thru-southbounders available? Flip-floppers?

6pm - 8pm      RUCK FEAST - You know how it works - everyone brings a dish and everyone eats well - and we leave lots of food for Donna (the hostel keeper).


8pm - ???      SLIDESHOWS or DVD's - Slide show presentations. There is no set schedule for this. If you want to show your slides/DVD (especially AT-related), when you arrive at the Ruck, write your name and the title of your show on the "Slideshow Schedule" that'll be posted on the bulletin board next to the kitchen.

Whenever      CAMPFIRE

Sunday, January 28, 2007

7am - 9am      CLEANUP - Grab a broom or mop (or whatever) and help clean up the Hostel. If we leave it dirty, we won't be as welcome next year. As the old saying goes - "I'm not your Momma, clean up after yourself." The caretaker really appreciates this and your efforts will be noticed!

Would you like to display your stove(s)? Bring them to the Ruck ! We'll have a table and display tags available for you to show off your favorite stove(s).

Finally - for those who want to contribute to the Ironmasters Hostel, you have several ways to do so. you can, of course, contribute gear to the Hikers Garage Sale. You could also just put some money in the jar. If you're eating Saturday lunch, you'll be contributing automatically. OR --- you can send a check or money order directly to the hostel at the following address:

Ironmasters Hostel
Pine Grove Furnace State Park
1212 Pine Grove Road
Gardners, PA 17324

Remember - they're there for YOU. So do something for them.

Thanks to Jim Owen for organizing the PA Ruck schedule

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