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1. Travel Well:  Written after I learned of the loss of John Hartford and John Fahey.

2. The Grey Mockin' Song:  Written after a stay at Wood's Hole, then traversing Angel's Rest and Peter's Mountain.

3. The Couching Leo:  Inspired by Camel's Hump on the the Long Trail, which at one time was called the Couching Lion.

4. Back On The Trail:  I had a bad attack of Springer Fever.

5. Eyes Of A Friend:  Written as a farewell to my Long Trail companions.

6. Fallen Angel:  In memory of Janis.

7. Lookin' For Robert Johnson:  Like my friend Rosy said "Everybody's lookin' for something."

8. 3-Chords (From My Heart):  Written for the woman I love.

9. The People Are The Trail:  Just a reverberation of my friend Hutch.

10. Cheoah On The Wind:  If you have not been . . . Go!

11. Goose Eye:  Inspired by the mountain so named.

12. Hard Way On Easy Street:  Just popped into my head while hiking over Old Blue.

13. Forever Smiles:  Written as a farewell to my A.T. companion Little Toe.

14. Hiker's Lullaby:  Found on the trail the second time I climbed Mount Lafayette.

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