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     TAKOMA TEDD was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, when a large sliver of a moon hung in the western sky like the grin of a Cheshire cat. The luck of that moon must have descended upon him because, sometime after the last great depression, he was abandoned as a child. He wandered about the banks of Sligo Creek until he was found by the last great band of bindle stiffs. he took up residence with them under the Carroll Avenue Bridge and was trained in the fine arts of being a Hoe Boy. He found his first guitar in a trash heap on the corner of Houston and Flower Avenues. It was an old Stella with a bent neck and only four strings. (He fashioned the remaining strings from an old piano wire and a broken '59 Volkswagen accelerator cable.)

FOR SEVERAL YEARS he caroused about Takoma Park with Blind Mango Dango, the great concert Kazoo player, and was the subject of many noise ordinance complaints to the local officials. Some time before the great destruction of Takoma Park he left town with a family of frogs and a pocket full of train flattened pennies. He hooked up with a band of gypsy auto body repair specialists and drifted down into sunnyland to a life of obscurity until...

HE RESURFACED somewhere on the trails of the Appalachian Mountains as a thru-hiking itinerant musician. He engaged himself in writing and performing tunes for captive audiences of long distance hikers at various overnight hovels and campfires. Per the request of those enduring listeners, here are a few of those songs.

Forever Smiles,
Takoma Tedd


1. Travel Well:  Written after I learned of the loss of John Hartford and John Fahey.

2. The Grey Mockin' Song:  Written after a stay at Wood's Hole, then traversing Angel's Rest and Peter's Mountain.

3. The Couching Leo:  Inspired by Camel's Hump on the the Long Trail, which at one time was called the Couching Lion.

4. Back On The Trail:  I had a bad attack of Springer Fever.

5. Eyes Of A Friend:  Written as a farewell to my Long Trail companions.

6. Fallen Angel:  In memory of Janis.

7. Lookin' For Robert Johnson:  Like my friend Rosy said "Everybody's lookin' for something."

8. 3-Chords (From My Heart):  Written for the woman I love.

9. The People Are The Trail:  Just a reverberation of my friend Hutch.

10. Cheoah On The Wind:  If you have not been . . . Go!

11. Goose Eye:  Inspired by the mountain so named.

12. Hard Way On Easy Street:  Just popped into my head while hiking over Old Blue.

13. Forever Smiles:  Written as a farewell to my A.T. companion Little Toe.

14. Hiker's Lullaby:  Found on the trail the second time I climbed Mount Lafayette.

All material ©2003 Takoma Tyme Music

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