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     Hello again fellow travelers...

TAKOMA TEDD has returned to Sunnyland and taken up residence in a bayou beneath an Interstate 75 highway bridge. Still rummaging the occasional trash heap for items to recycle... but most days standing on a street corner with a guitar and a sign that states "Will Play for Food." Takoma is still searching for that gig in a laundromat or bowling alley that will enhance his musical career. Landing an infrequent night's delight round a tramp fire or idle boxcar, he still explores, in vain, for that song no one has sung....

THUS THE GREAT MANDELA turns full cycle and we've made yet another circle round the sun. The spinning continues on and we know not what the next spoke in the wheel will bring. We can only hope that there are miles and miles of smiles around the next bend.

BUT DAYS have gone by... to which we can never return. We can only gaze at memories, hopefully with no regrets, and find inspiration from the band of gypsies that makes up our circle of friends in this life.

AND SO the muse of friendship gives rise to the collection of tunes recorded here... as we all walk a road to somewhere...

Forever Smiles,
Takoma Tedd


1. Gypsy Wind:  The idea for this song was born on the Long Trail. It took a while to ride the wind's tail and shake the song out.

2. Sligo Delta Home:  Written after visiting Takoma Park and looking back on days gone by.

3. Mountain Rhythm:  The trail name given the guitar I carried on my 2001 thru hike by my fellow hiker Captain Bivy.

4. Sky Blue Day:  Just one of those days when you get laid back and watch the sky, but there were no clouds.

5. The Colors:  My reaction to standing on Mount Rainier, once called Mount Tahkoma, the source of my name.

6. LDHB:  Long Distance Hiker's Blues - A tune we all know well when we are not on a long trek.

7. Buttermilk Falls:  I had the good fortune to walk the Gulf Hagas Trail with my friend Mala & his dog Tucker. Buttermilk is one of many spectacular falls in this slate gorge that is cut by the West Branch of the Pleasant River.

8. Just One More Day:  Written after a day of ALDHA trail work. I just wanted to stay in the woods!

9. The Unsung Wedding Song:  Written after a talk with Baltimore Jack at Trail Days 2002 reference two thru hikers that were to be married at the trailway arch where the AT enters town. I didn't get to play the song there because they had a blue grass band instead.

All material ©2003 Takoma Tyme Music

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